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"W.P." Weather Permiting" If its raining stay in Bed... please check on the web site the night before or the morning of the run to check any changes...and please try to have a full tank of petrol so we can get off prompt..

(A.V.) All vehicle cars or bike depending on weather
Think any runs now wont be far due to Health Problems with me and Maria, sorry....

Whitby for Fish & Chips...
Thanks to everyone who came along, Pockets, Nij, Denise, Tony & Sue met us there but we all had a nice ride over the moors....

Check out this weeks ride out on the runs page...
Well me and Maria dident get to the National Rally but Mick, Colin & his son, Richard, Clive & Ursula had a great time just waiting to hear where the 2018 National will be now....


Thanks to Colin and Mick for the photos...

Whitby for a Fish Butty Run

Good turn out for the Whitby fish butty run..

Great weather, some great roads and of course a Great Fish butty at Whitby.. thanks to everyone who came along on the ride...

Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride out, very good weather all day and a very nice Picnic over looking the Dales made for a good day..

Thanks to everyone Steve, Maria, Nij, Denise, Arter, Kate, Pockets, Cath & Mick for coming along to the Viking Day at Heysham.... Met at the wrose bull for Breakfast then after a nice ride through the trough of bowland we met Pockets and cath and had a good time watching the people in there camp and the fighting displays and then the main battle at the end....a good ride home with a call in a settle in great weather.

Thanks again for the support and lets hope we get more good weather for more ride outs, watch the rides page for details....
Richards Ride Out...
Check out these Videos of the ride....
< >
Caydale Ford above and the Snake below...
< >
As always a good ride out along great roads so thanks to Mick, Malcolm, Steve & Maria for coming along and of course to Richard for doing the run....

RAF Holmpton Ride out
Another good one from Richard, we met up at Squires before setting off to Holmpton, after a walk round the Bunker we went to Withensea for Fish & Chips before taking a nice route home, thanks to those who came along it takes time to plan these runs and the support is needed if we want to keep having ride outs as a branch you all know how hard it is which is why only a few do it...


Matlock Bath & Monsal Head run

Good ride out to the Aquarium at Matlock Bath and then onto Monsal Head thanks to everyone who came along and made it a good day out.

National Rally Run Try Out...

Thanks to Dave, Brian, Nij, Denise and Me & Maria for coming along to try out the short run for the National....

Richards Dutch Farm Run

Members had a great day out on Richards Dutch Farm ride out, we went along some great roads and it was all capped off with Pancakes at the Dutch Farm... thanks to Richard for the run and Maria for taking the photo.. more photos soon....

Steve, Maria, Pockets & Cath were joined by Shuan, Andrea, Dave & Karen from Northern Cross MCC for the Lakeland ride out, great weather, no rain and good company made for a good day if you missed it.....Tuff.

Clive's Croc Rock Run......
A Fond Farewell
This morning was the last time our Host with the most Mark
Would be looking after us because he is moving off to
be nearer family and friends in Telford.
A massive thank you go to him from all the club and we
Would like to wish him all the very best in the future
This won’t be the last time we will see him though were
hitching a plan to call down and see him in the very near future so
It’s not goodbye it’s see ya soon we had a cuppa with him
Before togging up and headed off on our way to
Crocodile Rock
This was Clive & Ursula’s ride out and one that I was looking
forward to a new place again and new roads
Now then we had a new person with us today (Woody) and this was his first
toby out with us so we used the very trusted Buddy system and
as always it worked very well
Clive had done a reckie of the ride out so it all went without
a hic-up and he managed to find a more direct route into it a
fantastic day was had and we got to see yet another new place
Cold stone cut was next and Clive took us on some new roads
we’ve been here before but it was just as enjoyable and the company
Was great so that always makes for a better day
We finished the day off at Ripley for the traditional stop off for an
ice cream be rude not to hahahahaha
Many thanks to Clive & Ursulla for a fantastic day out
and for all who attended for another great ride out..

Great run today making sure the rally run is ok, thanks to Clive, Ursula, Nij, Denise, Ian, Andi and me and Maria for coming along to help sort it out.....just got a bit wet from Hawes to Kettlewell but still had a good day..... Roll on the Eee by gum Rally...

Great turnout for the kids today, Steve, Maria, Nij & Denise made the event in cold but great sunshine, thanks to Chris who works hard to put this on so thanks to everyone who came and donated to a great cause lets hope none of us ever need this and if we do theres people who will go out and support it like the
100s that turned up for this great event. We were told there was 250 bikes on the run...

Iron Men Run....

Thanks to everyone who came along to the run, good weather all day

Cadwell Park BSB

Steve, Maria, Nij, Denice, Cath, Pockets, Shuan & Andrea had a great time at the BSB at Cadwell Park, Honda's Alex Lowes did the double.

We got a convey “ good buddy “
When I say convoy I mean there were two caravans a motorhome and a truck
Meeting up in the fantastic truck stop café Barneys
We didn’t hang about after a toilet stop we tobied off to the best bike
Racing in Britain the British Super Bikes and what a great weekend to be had
We arrived and got set up straight away with a view of the track from where we were
You couldn’t ask for a better do and a meat n tattie pie for tea Mmmmmm
The weather was cracking with the sun blazing down we soaked it up
Saturday was practice day and we all set off in different directions to view the racing
And what a fantastic day to be at Cadwell we tobied round the stalls and picked
up some right bargains clothing wise then walked round to the fair
Bugger it was shut but Nij was determined to get me on a reverse bungee
thing the obvious was said followed by VER VER no fxx ing chance hahaha
Then back to base for a stonking freshly made curry done by
Chef Nij n Denise its world famous this curry
Andrea had made a lemon drizzle cake and some buns for afters it was lovely
Then the beers were out and the fun started with all the usual banter and piss taking
you don’t get better than this with everybody having a go times like these are
what make this bike club the way it is
Carlsberg have called us up to do Bike Clubs hahaha
Woke up bright n early ok it was around half nine dint have a choice really
some racers were tear arseing around the track so had to get up hahaha
We Had brekkie then headed off to the track to watch the qualifying races and
We had a lot riding on this race being in the fantasy league it means
the position you end up in gives you more points and im 3rd at moment so
Every point my riders get the better it is for me hahahahaha
Cath had got a joint of pork in the oven for a hog roast later that day
Mmmmmm now your talking
After the racing we had a toby round the stalls then went back for tea
and got the beers out and sat chatting about the day we had
More beers later Nij had fallen asleep with his mouth open so me n Shaun
Thought it would be fun to play target practice and started throwing small silver
Balls at the large opening ( Nijs Mouth ) hahaha
Nearly got him too but the bugger woke up just as my throw was about to connect
Such fun it was one of them were you had to be there
The Big Finale ( RACE DAY )
There was reported to be 50,000 people today and by the lack of space to
Get a seat or decent look at the podium you could tell
We played a blinder and took a pic-nic rug to sit on top of the thistles
Cart feel owt through the rug Shaun n Andrea went one better and bought
Grandstand seats for the race day armed with cushions and a pack up
They were set up for the entire day and we didn’t see them till the race had done
A fantastic weekend was had by all and Nij n Denise have the bug now
this was there first BSB Racing experience and there planning on maybe
Doing Donnington or Assen next year watch this space ???
Well done to Sam Lowes who did the double and getting me max points hahaha
Thanks to all for a terrific time loved it all it was
VER VER Fantastic


Todays the day the Hoc
Have their Pic-nic
If you’re going to do it , do it in style
We arranged to meet most members at the Hitching post at 9 o’clock
I know even I got up early
13 of us in total turned up for the Pic-Nic of the year
we were joined by John
This was his first ride out with us so god help him hahahaha
After picking Adi n Sue up at Squires we set off for Dalby forest
We stopped on route at Fimber woods cafe
for a quick brew and cake and
if you’re in the area try some of their carrot cake it’s to die for
After a short stop here and the usual banter we togged up and tobied off
Our mission on a ride out is to find roads we have not yet ridden on
and Dave n Lisa came up with cracking roads some of them
were new to most of us and all were great to ride on
We arrived at Dalby forest paid our £2.00 entry fee and with
No further ado set off through the woodlands to hopefully find enough
seating area for us all
We cracked it
Now I know what your thinking its only a pic-nic well think again
This has been planned for months and members and friends
Had put their own twist on things and everybody made a fantastic
effort to outdo the other in complete fun and gest of course
You must look at the photos to see just how much trouble people
Went to it was priceless and included a couple of waiters and a maid
Shaun & Andrea brought the boys along and gave them their very
Own teddy bears pic-nic and to top it off nicely Dave & Lisa
supplied us all with pink champagne and fresh strawberries dipped
In dark chocolate (it took Lisa 2 and half hours to get the buggers to set)
and everybody loved it
We befriended a lovely elderly couple and supplied them with
cucumber sandwiches French fancies and Lisa’s infamous strawberries “such fun”
A fantastic day was had and to finish it off we had a ride over to
Bridlington for a coffee and the weather was very kind to us
And after a short stop we set off back home
there was a bit of a hic-cup on our
way home but the less said about that the better
all in all the day was fantastic and lots of fun and
laughter shared by everyone
Thanks to all for a great day out roll on 2014 let’s see if we can better this one.


Steve & Maria had a great time at the Oxford Branch Rally (photos)

What a good do, great weather going down (Too Hot) great ride out on the Sat and a good night in the pub, bit cold coming home but ok, thanks to everyone who made us welcome and put the Rally on..

Hardraw Force Ride out, Thanks to everyone who came along and made it a good day... (Photos)

West Yorks do East Mids Rally...

Members from our Branch decided to partake in the fun and
Join in the guys at East Midlands for their Rally, we had some cracking weather.
We got pitched up and ready and waited for Nij & Denise
The guys joined us and with tent erect oooh errr
We shot off to the pub for tea
Friday night was chill out night so that’s what we did and
After loads of beer and a laugh with other members in the marquee
We were politely asked to keep it down by a security guard
Type chappie and can I just say its not just a Yorkshire thing hahaha
A bit of cheek and banter later we went back to our tents
And had more beer at a subdued level (bugger )
Saturday was ride out day and we covered some great roads and scenery
Going up and over Glossop and down Snake pass and through the very lovely
Derbyshire Dales and Peak district
After burgers and beer and a raffle draw Steve won hahaha
more beer was had and loads more banter
Thanks go to Steve & Rita and the guys on hand who played a massive
part in the organizing of the weekend
Great ride out, great people, good times !!!
Thanks also to Nij & Denise for joining us this weekend x

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Ride out to the Falling Foss Waterfall.
Falling Foss Tea Rooms & Waterfalls
You meet the nicest people
Well what a good turnout for the ride today
We were originally going to Hard row Force but the weather
Had changed and it was best to go in the other direction
I gave Dave n Lisa the task of finding us somewhere
Different to go and at short notice they came up trumps
We had a great ride out through to Ripon, Thirsk way and
Headed our way to the tea rooms near Staithe and after taking on the
steepish decent down to the tea room, we ordered our afternoon teas
What a lovely picturesque place this is with plenty of seating
and very friendly staff (shame there were no scones a-hemmmm)
We had a good hour here met a nice biker man and had a laugh
with the owner of the place in fact because
Of my cheek he presented me with
A special surprise you guessed it a scone in a lovely box just for me !!!
Bless him what a lovely gesture a very nice man indeed.
We got back to the bikes and headed off again following the
Twat –Nav not always a good thing to do but on this
Occasion it was a good idea
We rode along through to Goathland and took a wrong turn
And a little bit further along we all had to stop on a single track
Road with a massive gate across it to the open country side
Where sheep rule the roads
Again new roads and fantastic scenery was to be had and just when
you thought it couldn’t get any better we happened across
another fantastic find in the middle of nowhere
A chainsaw sculpture by the name of Karl is hidden away here see
With some fantastic works of art on show and it gets better
Deborah at Stapehead farm is opening her Tea rooms
In July with very special homemade cakes and buns and such
And can I just say while I was taking photos the madeira cake was
Almost ready and smelt delicious.
After this we set off and the sat nav did it again, This road was just over 3 miles long with no passing places
We would have been buggered if owt had of come the other way
Thankfully nothing did…..
We got back on the bikes and made our way back home
Thanks to all for a great day out and look forward to the next venture.


4 Abbey Ride Out

This was a long awaited for ride out with bad weather n such like it kept getting postponed but today was the day we conquered it.
Members and friends set off on our Epic Journey
The Abbeys were Byland Rieveaux Jervaulx and lastly Fountains
It was a great day with fantastic weather and stunning scenery
The first abbey we stopped at was Byland’s Abbey
we took a few pictures then
set off along some even more new roads and countryside
and just when you
thought it couldn’t get any better we spotted the White Horse of Kilburn
Our Land has to be one of the most scenic unspoilt country sides going
Never cesses to amaze me and with wondrous views it makes sense to
Explore just what we have on our very doorsteps
The next Abbey was Rieveaux probably spelt it wrong but whose gunner argue
We had a light bite and a cuppa here and the girls
Namely Lisa Ursula Sue Andie and myself serenaded Andrea with a round
Of Happy Birthday very melodically sung it was too (yeah right)
As you look at the photos you will see members with arms stretched out
and silly possess this is because as a photo was taken everybody
Shouted out Ta Darrrrr my fault entirely hahaha Bothered
Then more photos then onto the third abbey Jervaulx spelt wrong again hahaha
This abbey we rode past as it’s a bit tricky getting to it but again new
Roads and scenery were ours for the pleasure
Lastly we came across Fountains Abbey with tree lined roads and
Wild deer running around the grounds it was utterly stunning
A massive thank you goes to Ady (spelt that right hahaha ) and Sue
For a fantastic ride out and without any hic-ups too
Our last stop was at Ripley for an ice cream what a treat to end on and with the
End of the day drawing in the last photos were taken
A hummmmm Lisa had plotted with the members to play silly buggers
With the last photo and as I was taking it and everybody shouting Ta Darrrrr
They all turned round and showed me there arses what a laugh
We truly have the best of member’s in the West Yorkshire Honda Owners Club
and with good times like this just think what we could do at our
1st Eeeee By Gummm Rally
Da Da Durrrrr Watch this space !!!

Barley Picnic Area &
DitchField Glass Ride Out

Fantastic ride out today with 7 bikes and plenty of sunshine
we met Dave Lisa Bob Ian & Chris at the Hitching post at 10.30
and then shot over to
Haworth to pick up Nij Denise Tim & Tash then tobied
Off to Barley, this is a lovely little village with a fantastic
pic-nic area set alongside a stream with loads of seating and a little
Shop and café and very friendly people.
Most of us had our pic-nics here but saved a bit for the next
Stop which was to be Ditchfield Glass Showroom
Brilliant roads and countryside was had and we all went on
Roads that were new to us today which is always great
And adds to the great ride out at one point we thought we
had taken the wrong road because we went through a lovely
little village called Little town which was new to us
We arrived at the Glass shop and were amazed by the amount
of glass mouldings went into making the 30 foot tall display
Inside we looked at all the wonderful pieces of art work
And had a shifty around the work room on some days you can
See them doing the glass blowing but we missed out today
from here we rode over the hills and fantastic country side
and dropped down into Slaidburn for a cuppa and a chat
Before setting off home
A great day was had and it was fantastic to see Bob
Thanks to all for a great day out...

West Yorks HOC hit Wales

A long awaited break away this was and we were ready
whatever the weather wanted to throw at us.
We decided absolutely positively were we going on the bikes
And by god are we glad we did we met up with Shaun & Andrea at
The services at junction 14 we got there more or
Less at the same time and it wasn’t hard finding them
Shaun had one of his rather bright sweatshirts on let’s just say
you cart miss him hahahahaha
Anyway after slagging the twat navs off we togged up
And rode off to the hillside were a welcome awaited!!!
We got about ¾ of the way there and stopped for a brew
At the side of a little pond with fantastic views around us.
Now I won’t say that it wasn’t windy but Andrea did remark on something about getting blown off but we will leave that one there. Hahaha
We reached the site all basically at the same time we met up with Nij n Tim
Then Cath n pockets turned up in the car park jobs a good un.
We got sorted and unpacked and just b4 tea we set
up the van with balloons n banners and wine ready to
celebrate Nij n Denises 28th wedding anniversary.

Home made meat n tatty pie for tea followed by homemade
all butter shortbread this is the life
We all had a good fill and then got the beers out with the piss-taking thrown in we had a great night and looked forward
To visiting the Infamous Ponderosa Café the next day.
Had a small brecky then got togged up and
with Clive & Ursulla at the helm we set off
The guys used to do their courting around these parts so
We had a couple of fantastic guides.
We were taken on some of the bendiest roads we have been on
over the hills and through some stunning country side it was stunning
We arrived at the Ponderosa and got a brew and chatted to the
local bikers and bought souvenirs from the shop
From here we went to a slate mine you can see in the photos
how pleasurable the day was and we enjoyed the lot.
Sunday was a bit cooler so we travelled to Carmarthen Castle to
scale the stairs and take in the fantastic scenery
A fantastic day was had and thanks go to Clive & Ursulla for all
Their efforts in making this a great weekend and we all enjoyed it to the fullest.

Ride out to Whitby

Members Had a Ride out to Whitby at the weekend, Dave, Lisa, Nij, Denise, Shaun, Andrea, Ian, Andi, Adrean, Sue & Chris went along and from what i've heard had a good ride out apart from getting lost a bit on the way back but it wouldent be a HOC run if we dint get lost so thanks to everybody who came along......(Photos)

York Dungeon

What a brilliant day out this was it was the first of
our all-weather all vehicle days and it was well worth doing

15 of us in total which made for a fun and full on experience
The actors really get into character and throw themselves literally into
making the day a fantastic and memorable day
Stevie was the first victim and was taken behind a curtain
and after a few knocks on the head with a mallet was
knocked out and then garrotted
Then Shaun was the next victim he was the unfortunate one
that got tortured and very vicious it was too he was
Interrogated first by the use of thumb screws but didn’t confess
so he was then to have his tongue twisted and twisted then pulled out
from the very pits of his throat not a pretty sight
but in true Shaun style he made it a very side splitting experience
My turn next I got off lightly and was put in the docks
to be tried for dancing naked round a fire in the fields and
Shouting out that I needed a man any man and was told I
was a lunatic with a mental problem ( ill take that ) Tash was found
Guilty as well but not sure what for…????

Then through to the next room were we saw Lisa sat awaiting her fate as a witch
Lisa was tried and sentenced to death by being burnt at the stake
It was a fantastic day out and we finished it off by Going across to Squires café
for the first frothy coffee this year.
If you block book to go to the Dungeons you save a massive 60% and you
get 11 acts and spend an hour n half being entertained.
Thanks to all who came and shared the fun and laughter
I really enjoyed every part of it.

Da Da Durrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!
Ha Ha Ha
(We couldent take photos but have a few so watch this space)
Sewer Rats Egg Run
Steve, Maria, Nij & Denise went along to the egg run, numbers were down but it was cold but loads came and lots of eggs were given so well done to the Sewer Rats for putting the event on....

Coldstone Cut/Dales Ride Out
Not a bad day as it turned out 6 of us braved the cold weather
and headed off over to Pateley to see the wonders that were
awaiting us in a quarry of all places
After what seemed like a ten mile hike we reached the top
and my god what a sight it was amazing and in Pateley too
The pictures show the actual scale of the quarry and if you look
closer you will see a massive digger that looks like a tonker toy
We then had a ride over the tops and through the hills across
to Masham for a bite to eat and visit the sweetie shop
Thanks for the people who braved it today
(See photos
Layburn Ride Out

Members were joined by Northern Cross Members for the ride out to Layburn, everybody had a good day and the weather was great, thanks to all that came along.... (Photos)
Cracoe Ride Out
Maria & Steve, Dave & Lisa were joined by Shaun & Andrea from Northern Cross MCC and had a good day out...


Squires Toy Run
Thanks to Dave, Clive, Ursula, Nig, Denise, Steve, Maria, Ian, Pockets & Cath for coming to whats a great cause, we all had a good day and loads of cash and toys were donated so well done to all....

Clive & Ursula

Dave on the Toy Run.

Run to Rivington Barn
Thanks to everyone who came along on the run, we got off prompt and made good time to the Barn, after filling up on grub and drink we set off to Devils Bridge but dident have time so ended up in Skipton for Chips and and chat, after saying our goodbyes got off home before the cold set in, great weather and company made for a good day...


Samsung Honda day
I was really looking forward to our tour round today, but I didn’t know just what it would entail
But I can safely tell you all it was utterly fantastic.
We were met outside the Samsung Honda Racing building by Jack from Padgett’s in Batley
Steve from Padgett’s had made the necessary phone
calls and e-mails
to book the tour for us at West Yorkshire Honda owner’s club.
Jack had the privilege of being the representative for the day
Thanks go to Steve and the guys at Padgett’s for doing so
and of course without
the help of this main Honda Dealers in Batley
it would not have happened.
Steve Tordoff
We were greeted at the door at precisely
2.00 pm by Steve Tordoff
he was our guide for the duration of the tour round
and was very informative.
He did in fact tell us that when one o’clock arrives its down tools till two no messing.
We had a pep talk in the foyer and had a
fantastic opportunity to walk
round the trophy cabinets and see some of the racers bikes.
One of which was
Steve Platers 600 which he won the championship on in 2009
The first room we entered was the work shop
where John Maguiness TT
winning bike was on show Steve told us all about the parts
that had been on the shelves and we got to hold a
fairing which was worth
thousands and weighed nothing, he also pointed
out a little a part
on the tank of the bike and asked what we thought it was,
most said that they thought
it was a chin rest when in actual fact it was a foam ring to hold the petrol cap on once removed to keep safe in the pits,
I mean when you think of it its quite an ingenious idea you never have a spare petrol cap when you need one.
Matt Lloyd

Now then what can I say about this man
dedication and passion must be his middle name
Matt is in charge of the C N C machine
and all its workings he was telling us that to programme
the computer he works on to make
something for the bikes takes around
2 hours. He makes sure all symmetry is correct and when it is he transfers all data to the CNC machine
this can take up to two weeks in its entirety.
He showed us pieces he had made from a solid
block of aluminium to the
finished product which was a foot peg hanger you would not believe how it was done
if you hadn’t of seen it for yourself and the
hanger was weightless
He also showed us some yokes and brake leavers
in fact I think the the only thing
Matt couldn’t make is a kitchen sink but I bet
he would prove me wrong
He was a very helpful man and showed us how he programmed his machine and let us disturb him while he was working.
We were then taken into the main garage where the Samsung Honda trailer was. its huge
It had a full on board garage in it and it shone
out the new blue Samsung have
adorned is stunning and stands out from the rest.
We were shown John Kirkham’s race bike naked and I mean laid bare This in itself was an absolute privilege because later on in the tour we also watched it on
the dynamo this was shown to us on the
Tuesday 4 days before practice day.
Adrian Gorst
Steve then took us through to meet the
chief technician for Michael Laverty
Michael was British super sports champion in 2007 and in 2011 he was 4th in MCE British Superbike championship.
Adrian works very close with his riders so they get
the best out of him and him them,
yet another dedicated team member.
Adrian explained the grids on the computer and pointed out to us what the different lines on the computer
meant like riding lines and fuel consumption
and how he could improve the position of a
rider by the readings shown, all
very clever stuff and he was very accommodating to
answer all questions that where asked.
The guys where very busy and we saw them working on Michael’s bike filling the
radiator up and such like its fantastic to see how calm everybody seemed 4 days before practice.
Stuart Millern
The last room we went into was the build room
where we met Stuart this is
the man who builds the engines, in fact
he had one in bits in front of him
well part of a bike now they don’t come
much more naked than this one,
he in fact told us that this we saw in
front of us would be built and ready
to ride after all checks by Friday. Samsung Honda are the only team in the UK to use the stock
fire blade swinging arm without any modification
(hope im right on this)
Stuart again was very helpful and informative
and had the cleanest workshop I have ever seen.
We were running out of time and had already put the team behind schedule
before being led off up to the boardroom for a
talk with Steve and Harvey and
a fabulous buffet that had been arranged for us. We also got to hold some of the great Trophy’s they have won over the years, Lisa even had them find the key to one of the Glass Cabinets to hold Colin Edwards….
Havier Beltran ( Harvey)
This is the man who is team manager for Samsung Honda and
who over looks everything that
makes the team a bloody good one.
I feel I must point out that on our visit everybody was at work that’s right we were being given
a tour around their workplace while they were working
and I know I’ve said it
earlier this was 4 days before practice at Cadwell park.
Harvey and Steve chatted to us about the riders and experience’s they had had with
different riders and races and as we said we were in awe of the
surroundings and the team and what was
unique and to us and a privilege
they had it all and even said at times they felt
like they took it for granted.
Harvey is proof that if you have the
right people around you then the
magic that is produced is phenomenal for example
The Samsung Honda Race Team

We at the West Yorkshires Honda owners club would like to say a massive Thank you
Steve and Jack at Padgetts in Batley main dealer for Honda for making the tour happen
All at Samsung Honda
Harvey, Steve ,Matt, Adrian, Stuart and all we saw and met on the day of our tour
and big thanks go to Steve and Phil at west yorks for all you have done for our branch. (photos)

Also check out the Cadwell BSB photos which we went to after the Honda Racing Tour.. Here

Padgetts Honda have sorted the tour out for us have a look at the Padgetts Honda web site Here....

Sunday 12th August
Did'nt get to Rivington Barn as the weather man
said it was raining so after meeting up at the Hitching post
we got off, Me, Maria, Ian, Andi, Adrian, Sue, Shuan, Andrea, Dave, Lisa, Andrew & Brian set off to the East coast, Skipsea and Hornsea and back to Squires for a brew, great weather and company made for a good day out (Dave & Lisa got a bit wet) getting home, we just made it.... Anyway thanks for everyone who came along and Roll on the Samsung Honda trip..... (Photos)

(Past Ride Outs)
Last of the Summer Wine Run

We will be going down to Holmfirth and then onto some of the locations which were used for filming so if your a fan or just like good roads dont miss this one.
After Meeting up at the Hitching Post at 10am first call was the The Monkey Inn where lots of filming has taken place over the years... After that into Holmfirth to Sids Cafe and Nora & Compo's Houses then a short walk to Bill Owen's Grave who played Compo... From there over to Marsden to have a look at the place where they said goodbye to compo after his death and then to Auntie Wainwright's Shop which i think is someones house but we can have a walk round Marsden for a bit, after that the journey home...via the Bridge over the M62 near Scammonden which is where Fred Dibnah went over on his steam engine in the around Britain series.....

Berwick upon Tweed Weekend

West Yorkshire Members enjoy a weekend away with Northerncross MCC Members at Berwick upon Tweed, they had a good day at Edinburgh Dungeon...

A fantastic weekend was had by all of us.
We started the journey leaving our house to go through Leathley
To pick up Shaun & Andrea up on route at the little farm shop
Then on our way we went arriving at Barton transport café for a full brekkie.
We were proper fair weather bikers this day after seeing the weather forecast we
Decided to pair up and go by car (puffs)
Anyway we had just got to the point where you can see the
Angel of the North and it happened, the heavens opened (YES)
That justified our decision to go by car and we all felt a sense of relief
The rain never let up at all and with wipers on full our visibility was very poor
We would have been soaked through to the bone.
We arrived at Berwick and picked up our keys to the caravan.
Just to let you know if you book now for next year you will make a massive saving
It has cost us £25.00 each for a 3 night stay in an 8 berth superior caravan.
After a coffee and a sort out some of us had a short walk on the beach
Then back to vans to meet up with Clive Ursula Nij n Denise.
I must point out at this point that Nij & Denise braved the weather
And came on their bike mind it is a Goldwing all singing
And dancing with everything but the kitchen sink.
We had our fill and tobied on up to the bar to get rat arsed.
We were very very drunk at the time and got entered into a game
Which we failed miserably but had a laugh doing so, then after more beers
We headed back to the caravans for more beers and chocolate.
After a full brekkie we got ready and set off to the Dungeons in Edinburgh.
Check this out you can get two for one Merlin tickets all over we each saved £8.00
On entering the building you are immediately lost the room is pitch black
And it plays with your head what a blag.
We entered the first part of our tour to be met by Judge horrible
He did tell of tales and proceedings of how the courts worked back then
And pulled Denise out from the crowd and accused her of being a witch.
Crowd participation was used here boo-ing her as she went into the dock
She was put in the box and made to swear an oath; she was seen at midnight dancing around
a fire naked and trying to sell herself.
If she pleaded guilty she was to be tied up and weighted and dropped into the
Well to see how she faired if she didn’t drown she was to be hung as a witch for
Surviving in the first place what a ta do.
Then it was Shaun and Andrea’s turn the had to stand in front of us all whilst again
Being booed at they were on trial for hiding from the fashion police
And were told they had to strip naked and be tarred and then to be dragged through M& S
In the hope something of fashion would stick to them. Hahahahaha
Stevie was the next victim and the butcher demonstrated some of the
Torture he would use on his prisoners like been strung up by the
Back of the neck on a butchers hook and then having a butchers hook
Rammed up you backside and lifted off the floor, Steve looked like he was
Enjoying it far too much and was released back to the group.
What a laugh we then went through to next room where we got on a boat
And sailed through the dark dirty rivers of London.
Oh my god we had things hitting us in the face and water splashed on us in pitch
black it was sooo scary and we all screamed like girls.
The next room was the Autopsy room where a young girl was pulling
all kinds of body parts from her corpse.
Back in the day a person would be paid 7 pound and six if it was fresh.
And the best way to get a fresh un was whiskey, sub-due the victim
First them bam knock em out cold, sometimes they would wake from their drunken stupor
And die of heart attack on the table. (Gruesome )
This experience was one not to be missed and the fun and frights
Carried on for around 90 minutes
It was Clive & Ursula’s turn next to plucked from the crowd and
Ursula’s new friend was creepy this girl enjoyed her job far too much
If you have ever seen the hills have eyes then this was a scene from it,
This girl was part of a family who knew someone int family
If you know what I mean (inbread) and Ursula to be her best friend she was warming her up
Before she eat her these were cannibals these and she loved Clive’s big head
She wanted to stab him in his eyeballs and suck the juices out.
More shocks and screams and scares later we left the Dungeons on a very high note
If you haven’t been there and get the chance to go you won’t be disappointed.
After a mooch about and a cuppa we made our way up to the
Scott Monument which is 200 feet and 6 inches high (size matters peeps )
And it has 287 steps to which Shaun climbed and lived to tell the tale hahaha.
We then made our way around Edinburgh for a toby and met up with the
rest of the guys back at the car park then back home for tea.
Another night in the bar most of us went up to see what the entertainment was like.
What a laugh a magician with a difference, he was great we never laughed so much,
A few more beers later saw us through getting back to the van for yet more beer.
Nij & Denice had to get off home before we went to Holy Island so we waved them off and got off ourselves, What a fantastic place this is with the Lindisfarne priory and castle your spoilt for choice
for things to fill your day and of course there is the little café known for having a
Volks Wagon Beetle shaped bush.
Shaun & Andrea headed off up to the castle soon followed by Phil & Andrea while
Steve & Maria Cath & Pockets and Clive & Ursula strolled round the village
Sampling Lindisfarne mead and cream liquor (we will do owt for a tipple)
And a walk over the fields to get as photos of the island as we could.
We all met back up again then decided as to where to go next.
Shaun & Andrea went off to Banburgh Castle while the rest of us went
Onto a little village called seahouses its not a very big place but
The harbour was full and the weather held off so we had a little trot
round and a coffee and waited for Shaun & Andrea to arrive before we went for tea.
Back in Berwick we got together and had a meal as we were all full
Of fresh air a good hearty full roast dinner was just what the doctor ordered.
Clive and Ursula had to set off back home after tea so we said our goodbyes and
Waved them off before returning back to the caravan for a chill out and and
Yes you guessed it a few beers. Stevie had a taste for the mead we had sampled
On Holy Island and got the shot glasses out, the drinks where flowing nicely and to top it all
Freddie Starr was live on the telly so we cracked on with that.
A fantastic weekend was had by all and we enjoyed everything that was on offer.
So much so that we have already booked for next year’s get away to North Wales
Thanks to everybody involved for a fantastic weekend and for making it an
Absolutely unforgettable one......

Tan Hill Ride Out
The day started with us setting off down to the Hitching post
To meet up with members and friends from the
West Yorkshire Honda Owners club.

Clive Ursulla Ian Andie and new members Richard and Anne
Were eager to get off for a Toby round the Dales so off we went to meet
Phil Shaun & Andrea in Keighley.
The ride out over to Manor Cafe was a bloody good one thanks to Steve
For that he had us on some fantastic roads and the scenery was great.
We stayed for a brew and and a laugh and then set off
Over the tops to Tan Hill.
Riding through some fantastic countryside and blinding roads
We arrived for a bite to eat and for more mickey taking
As you can probably gather we tend to spend most of the day ripping
Shreads out of each other Wot a Laff
Andrea met and fell in love with a new a new friend …

My Other Shauns a Sheep.

From Tan Hill we set off back down to Hawes. Again the ride was a fantastic one
Toilet stop and fill up on fish butties in Hawes then down to Grassington.
We were going to have a quick stop at the Sun but the weather
Turned nasty so we just went straight to Dunnies to say our goodbyes.
The weather we have had today was a right mixture we went from
Sun to rain to hail to snow to blustery winds and back again.
The only thing we didn’t have was lightning.
Yet another brilliant ride was had and great fun too.
In total we did around 150 miles in some of the best countryside
The dales and Yorkshire have to offer.
Thanks to all who attended the ride out and for making the day a bloody good one

Sewer Rats Egg Run 2012
Members had a good day at the Egg Run, lots turned up and loads of eggs went to the kids, thanks to them that came along

2011 TOY RUN
Well only the 3 of us at the Hitching Post but we got off to the Sun Inn, once there met up with Cath, Pockets, Clive & Ursula so with Me, Maria and Ian just 7 West Yorks members which is poor when its for the kids but never mind they collected lots of stuff with people who went been very generous with lots taking more than 1 gift so there will be some very happy kids on Christmas Morning because of them so thanks to those who came...


Chairmans Challenge Run
Good run upto the OK Diner, missed the rain and met up with Andy and a few more at the diner... Me, Maria, Ian & Richard made the run and had a nice dinner.... money was raised for the Air Ambulance so good day all round....
(Details of the Chairmans Challenge)


Sunday 6th November
Craven Collection Run
Good run today, Dave, Lisa, Brian, Ian, Shaun, Andrea, Me & Maria meet at the Hitching Post and had a good run to meet up with Richard near York, The Craven Collection was good with some fantastic bikes on show, we had a chat to Kevin from the 3 Shire Branch before getting off to Squires for a coffee.... Thanks to all who turned up and made for a good day....

Plumpton rocks & druids temple Run
Richard, Oliver, Bob, Pete, Ian & Andi made the ride out, me & Maria were away so missed out but everyone had a good day so thanks to Richard for leading and coming up with the ride out....

Photos Here


Dave, Lisa, Adrian, Sue & Brian had a run out to the white horse of Kilburn on Sunday, they meet up at Squires then off to Helmsley were they had lunch and onto the White Horse, good weather all day made it a good day out....

We all had a good day out at the WW2 day at Pickering, photo was taken at Squires on the way home.

Clive, Ursula & Andrew meeting at the Hitching Post for the run on Sunday, The weather was bad West so they went along to the Railway Museum in York and Squires for a brew on the way home.
(A couple more photos)

Sunday 9th October
Well the weather was bad for this run but still Clive, Ursula & Andrew joined up for a run out to the Railway Museum at York, then a brew at Squires before home..

Thanks to Andrew for the photos....

Sunday 5th June “ North pennines explorer run “

Well down at the Hitching post we meet up with Phil, Pete, and Ian and his son, off we got and picked up Shawn & Andres on the way to meet Richard, the weather went downhill and by the time we got to Devils bridge it was raining, Richard said the weather was bad where we were going so we went to the Dock Museum in Barrow, we dint see anymore proper rain and the Museum was free to get in so after a bad start we all had a good ride out, Thanks to Richard for the run and coming up with the Museum after the weather got the better of us, he hasn’t had a lot of luck with the weather on the runs so hopefully that will change, thanks to all who came along and hopefully we'll see ya soon.....

Sunday 26th June
Armed Forces Day Ride Out
Great weather, Great company made for a good ride out
Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride....

Good ride out today, HOC Members were joined
by Members of the Northern Cross MCC


9th - 10th July
9th & 10th July
we did our branch 1st Scotch weekend which was to coincide with our fundraising efforts for the national air ambulance funds our early idea didn't come to fruition because it was too complex so it was simplified to 5 members one for each of the 5 decades of the hoc we run a pleasant runs with the odd shower from leeds/bradford & york after a bacon buttie at the manor biker cafe we set off over northern pennines to stanhope up crawleyside bank onto blanchland stopping in soaking corbridge we had lunch here then onwards via bellingham & A68 to carters bar where we had traditional scottish soaking. We retired to our digs for the evening at the Elm house hotel in hawick or is it hoick as locals say anyway we had a nice evening in bourtree new weatherspoons opened april 2011 later retiring to bar. Our hosts made us very welcome they bikers from germany stay its got secure off road parking that's a bonus.
On the sunday sunny day we set out on A6088 & B6357 fabulous biking roads climbs, twisty's, great views we went stopped above wauchope forest admire the cheviots in the distance behind steve's bike we then continued onto the Hermitage castle for a break then through the very dramatic valley around the hamlet of gorrenberry to A7 south on via brampton on via croglin to penrith late lunch followed by short scenic run via greystoke & ullswater to lowther castle where we had hoped to meet man hoc riders, but rain stopped them in their tracks anyway I had a quick nosy around lowther is a ruin that is being made safe to allow better public access. We headed home via orton & M6/A65/A59 I would like to say a big thank you to steve & maria and also to clive & ursula for their support only second year of arranging rides & having only been biking for 3.5 years after 3 decades on a mountain bike


(Thanks to Richard for the idea of the run and to all who supported it, it was a good run and a enjoyable weekend....)