I am just writing a few lines to thank all my friends in the West Yorkshire branch of the Honda owners club, for sponsoring me for the Ladies Driving Challenge in aid of the Fire Fighters Charity.
I managed to raise £200.00 in total and the event raised around £10,500 which is fantastic so THANKYOU one and all .x.x.x

The day Sunday 5th July dawned fair so the decision was made to go to Manby Motorplex on the bike, which may i say is now a Triumph.....yes you read it right a Triumph Tiger 1050 in blue...its very nice. ( must be getting close to Brian's bike swap figure now!!!)
We met Clive and Ursula at Sherburn and set off towards Goole, from Goole taking a lovely B road to Gainsborough and a little Cafe Clive knew for a nice cuppa.
After we were suitably refreshed we then set off for Louth and the Motorplex.

After signing in and changing into my trainers i joined the other 6 ladies in my group, (there were 6 groups of seven ladies in all) we were off to our first Vehicle, this being a Land rover Discovery and a Land rover 110. What a Fantastic adrenaline buzz off road up hills, down gulley's, over terrain i wouldn't walk over never mind drive over ( but i did ) i will definitely do that again. I know now why Jim and Debra ( Cambridge branch) do it.
The second vehicle was a Council Gritter that was great fun as they had made a course with slalom and chicane's with tyres which added to the interest, even more so at high speed.
The GRIN factor came driving the Fire Engine at full speed and yes blues n two's were a must. I'm still smiling when i think of the fire fighters face when i took it round the gritter course, well if they don't want fast they shouldn't throw down the gauntlet.....ha ha ha.
Next came the articulated lorry all 38 tonnes of it .WOW... that was just Fabulous and manual too.
The coach was really laid back and so easy to drive, well none of my passengers complained...come to think of it they didn't pay me either...bloody northern fare dodgers.
The Limousine i found very smooth just like silk..mind i did have a V.I.P passenger by the name of Ursula who kept waving to her minions on the airfield as she passed.Clive & Dave were suddenly was nowhere to be seen when i was asking for passengers!!! (Funny that!!)
The Citroen C4 with the instructor having the ability to throw the car into oversteer understeer and many other steering problems at the touch of a button, was i must say unnerving to say the least, but he did say i had a very fast reaction and recovery....well the cones were all still standing...great fun.
Finally and i must say i was thinking of Roger H (Cambridge branch) when i drove my last vehicle.
The Qadtrac tractor was AWESOME with its 16 gears at the touch of a thumb and no feet involved. I rumbled around the circuit with a feeling of utter pleasure, mind you i wouldn't want to fill it up at aprox £1500 a tank. I rode over hills that it never even sniffed at and the ride was so smooth, i did think i wish Roger could see me now!
So now my day of being like a kid in a candy shop and getting all the candy was coming to an end, all that remained was to collect my certificate, T-shirt and Blaze bear and say goodbye to everyone.
This done Clive Ursula Dave and myself got on the bikes and headed for home, yes we went on the fab b-road again as the weather was good.
Stopping for tea near the Drax power station finished the day off perfectly.
Thanks Clive and Ursula for all your support on the day

I would like to say WELL DONE to Lisa for raising the Money and doing the event....