I just have too much on, im on holiday for the May meet and away again for the June, sorry but theres nothing i can do about it......


Check out the Best Honda's of all time.....
(well i think so)

Worried if your Honda will run on E10 Petrol ??
Well if you are check this
site out
Here is a list of Honda Motorcycles including classics, find you bike and it will tell you yes or no..Click Here
CB750K2 now in Candy Gold
I have had the old American Brown colour removed from my 750 and is now the original Candy Gold colour it would have been in 1973... I have just put an original Honda Style rear rack on just need to install the rear indicators now..

Think it looks great now....
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I only like this cause she has Honda on her shirt.....
If there are any women who find this offensive.....TUFF... HeHeHe