Happy New Year
to all the HOC members
and everyone else lets hope 2022 is a better
year for all.

(Check out the all new NT1100)

Worried if your Honda will run on E10 Petrol ??
Well if you are check this
site out
Here is a list of Honda Motorcycles including classics, find you bike and it will tell you yes or no..Click Here
I hope all members are in good health and stayed safe during this last 2 years. First let me say sorry for no web site updates but i had to get a new PC and have had lots of problems getting the updates on so sorry again for that.
The branch meetings have been up and down due to all sorts and we dont normally have a January meeting so it may be next year now till we get back into the whole thing as in ride outs and meetings i intend to have at least one run a month if not 2 so watch this site for details and if you have any ideas for runs please let me know..
CB750K2 now in Candy Gold
I have had the old American Brown colour removed from my 750 and is now the original Candy Gold colour it would have been in 1973... I have just put an original Honda Style rear rack on just need to install the rear indicators now..

Think it looks great now....
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I only like this cause she has Honda on her shirt.....
If there are any women who find this offensive.....TUFF... HeHeHe