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2017 Events & Rallies

HOC Classic Show
25th June (Details)

Cadwel Park BSB
18th - 20th August Web Site

HOC National Rally 2017
15th - 18th September Details

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West Yorkshire Members at the 2016 National Rally

Members had a great time at the
Christmas dinner 18 branch members
came along so thanks to everybody
for making it a good night.....

Hitting the Apex....
Great new MotoGP film...
Steve won an On line comp to go to the world Premire
of the film at the MotoGP at Silverstone
also included was a day at the Friday Practice day...

Maria got to meet Colin Edwards..

and there was some great action on the track.

More photos.....

Christmas meal at the Hitching Post
Members had a nice Christmas meal at our meeting place
the Hitching post, the food was great and of
course so was the company thanks to all who
came along lets all look forward to a good 2015...

2014 National Rally
< >
8 West Yorkshire members made the 280 mile trip to
Kent for the 2014 HOC National Rally, another great weekend
was had with good ride outs and entertainment on all 3 nights,
thanks to Dave, Lisa, Ady, Sue, Nij, Denise, Maria and of course
Me Steve for making it a good weekend and Ruth & Stritchy
and the Kent Branch for putting on a great weekend..


West Yorkshire Branch Holiday

Many more photos and a full report
very soon keep having a look.....(Photos)

East Mids Branch Rally

(Photo Taken on the ride out)
Steve & Maria had a great weekend at the
East Midlands Branch Rally, photos and report soon....

(West Yorkshire Members at the Disco)
Great Weekend thanks to everyone who came along,
have a look at the Eee by gum page for a full report and photos
and a final figure of what we raised for the whiteknights....

A great BIG thanks to all the Members who helped over the weekend,
and a special thanks to Maria who without, this rally would not of happened
and the food which came out of the kitchen was just great so
thanks again to Maria, Ursula and Denise you all did a fantastic job...
Cath for the signing in, pockets helping with all sorts,
Nij, dave, Clive, Ady, sue and Lisa, David for the Veg and salad
plus the cups, plates, knifes and forks, thank you all.....
(Report) (Photos)

Bowling Night
Many thanks to Dave & Lisa for organizing this,
16 came along for a great night with lots of micky taking, Ady had a good night
and Shuuzan who drove home.... Richard came all the way from
York and all had a great time, no photos as we forgot the
Camera but thanks to everybody who came along, This is how it all ended up....
1st Steve (Me)
2nd Tim
3rd Richard
4th Clive
5th Bri
6th Shaun
7th Sue
8th Ady
9th Andrea
10th Nij
11th Tash
12th Maria
13th Ursula
14th Denise

And of course Dave & Lisa who are Pro's
so took them selfs out of the rankings...
Dave's 2nd Game scored more than both Mine...

Pickering War Weekend

Members had a great weekend at the Pickering
war weekend, bit wet Sunday Morning but still
had a good time, we'll be back next year....

HOC National Rally 2013

Thanks to all the members who came to the HOC Rally and made it another fantastic one,
weather could of been better but great time was had by all....
roll on next year in Kent...(Booking Now Here)
Trecco Bay
Seen the weather report and thought car- bike- car- bike -car No No No
It’s got to be the bike it’s a bloody bike rally (Fools)
We called round for Dave and risked it without the waterproofs
Then set off to meet up with Nij & Denise, Lisa went in the car with
Adi & Sue For those who don’t know Adi & Sue had a spill and came off
Very lightly after doing Hart side top ride out they unfortunately
slid on diesel about 2 mile from home and got battered and bruised
Adi has broken his wrist and sue was bashed up badly and has to
use crutches hence the reason why Lisa drove them down (Bless her )
We met up with the guys at Birch services and set off in the sunshine
It didn’t last we got about 140 mile down the road then yes you’ve
Guessed it the heavens opened and good god it dint half
We were soaked through to the bone by the time we got Trecco Bay
But hey we turned the heating up and got dried out and went to
Meet up with others for a carvery tea yum yum
From there we all gate crashed Dave & Lisa’s van and got to grips with
the booze and great company
Roger Nina Paul n Kim where in the very next van to Dave n Lisa so
we were all at it Good Times
Very good time for Nij he polished off a litre of Rum n a drop of coke
And I had to dance him back to our van at the end of the session
Now he’s not got the best of dance moves and has no sense rhythm
So it took us a bit longer to get back to our van but we had fun getting there
Denise put Nij to bed eventually and we sat about chatting and taking the
Proverbial out of piss heads did I mention Lisa’s Moo Walk???

Early start for the ride out next day so up with the larks I was making
sarnies to get us all up n running well not all of us Denise was in full swing
As was me n Stevie but alas poor Nij after a crash bang wallop n a hughhhh
Nij had fallen out of bed and got stuck in between the bed and wall
well I mean hahahahahahahahaha
After I picked myself up off the floor I asked how he was through all
the laughter it was only right hahahahah
We got togged up and left Nij n Denise back in the van (good lad )
And went round to meet the others at the point
Now I won’t say that we at West Yorks are lightweights when it comes
To the ale but only 3 of us were there from the branch hahahaha
The ride out was a good one with a short stop for a coffee then on the
Bikes again round some fantastic roads and scenery then onto
Meeting the Lisa Adi Bri & Sue for dinner ( god they looked rough )
Lisa god bless her hadn’t had a drink for over 10 weeks so that’s
why she had a great time the night before it went straight to her head
And down to her feet hence the Moo Walk!!! She was dressed very stylishly
In a Moo Cow Onesie and of course VER VER drunk at the time
And cracked on with all sorts of mooooves hahaha what a star
We didn’t do much Saturday night just had a couple a pints int pub
Nij had decided to go tea –total and never touched a drop all night
Call the doctors STOP PRESS !!!!!
I know its hard to take in but he lived on Oasis all night
Sunday was an horrific day weather wise so stayed on site and had
a mooch round the shops and arcade and back to van for a chill
After tea we went up early to the bar to get a good seat for the
Night and so we had prime position to see everybody who had made
an effort and joined in the spirit of the evening needless to say we couldn’t
fit anything extra on the bike so went as normal
We met Rog Nina Paul & Kim in the bar they looked great and
Brought a smile to us all
Our very own Dave Lisa Brian Adi & Sue all got dressed up you
Will have to try guess who was who in the pictures but all I will say is
If you need any tips on hair and especially makeup see Dave
Honestly see Dave that what he’s wearing is not a mask its his own make-up
He spent around 2 hours in the mirror perfecting it and he made his own doofer
It got to around half nine the band had played a bit and we were knocking
The booze back when all of a sudden a stranger appeared it was Nij
He was back wine in one hand bottle in the other (you were missed) hahahaha
Not so tea-total after all hahaha
A fantastic weekend was had and we would like to thank everybody
For a great time and fun filled weekend
Thanks too for the very generous greeting bags how thoughtful
And just what I suppose everybody needed well done.

Wiltshire HOC Branch Rally

We had a great time at the Wiltshire Branch Rally the ride out Sunday
was to Sailsbury and Stonehenge, more photos and a report to follow......


Castle Combe Bike Safe Show
Me and Maria had a good weekend at the show,
we went down on the Friday to a Travelodge just on the M4
and the next day went to the show and met up with other HOC members,
the show was good and free to get in and the ride home was dry
and trouble free so thanks to the Wiltshire Branch for making us welcome...
see the Photos Page for some Pics...


Honda's Win Big Weekend

Craig’s Honda Win Big Weekend
Great turn out today from West Yorkshires Honda Owners club
who were joined by Northern cross mcc
We were met on the door by Paul a very accommodating chap
who was very eager to get the kettle on and have a chat
We all took our Win Big codes but nobody was successful in this
Never the less we had a great look around the massive range
of bikes they have and had a great time chatting to all staff
and a few of us tried a few bikes for size
Dave and Lisa have his & hers on order (NOT )
They looked well suited on these bikes and fit them well
Stevie is well made up with the CrossTourer and has
got that twitchy feeling again (I DON’T THINK SO HAHA )
The guys also offered a great 10% off all clothing
After a good hour & half we togged up and had a toby
up to the Sun Inn for a quick brew
Thanks very much to all at Craig’s Honda in Shipley
for making us feel very welcome and we look forward
to planning our 40th Birthday next year having you on board.


NEC Bike Show 2012
Me and Maria had a good day at the bike show, theres some nice bikes coming
out next year so check out the photos, we called in to say
Hi at the HOC stand were we saw Kim, Paul and Jenny as well
as a few others so well done to all, they said they were doing well with new members....

We had a good weekend at the Classic Mechanics Show
at Stafford, there were some great bikes down there, I found
the original horn for the G5 at the auto jumble so
well happy there, it was a bit cold at night but nice in the day..

We got there on the Friday to set up and have a walk round, Saturday
was a full day, we met up with Phil and spent the day just walking round and looking
at the great bikes, on the Sunday we met up with Clive & Ursula at the HOC AGM where we
were greeted with a bacon butty and a coffee.....
after that we got off back to the show to collect the bike and pack up,
great wekend was had and im looking froward to next year.....


Me & Maria with Jenny helping out on the BMFs Best Marquee winner,
the HOC stall, thanks to all the Cambridge Branch who as always made us very welcome
and it was nice to see Clive & Ursula on the Saturday and Phil & Richard on the Sunday.