"If you want yours on for 2020 send me details"
Branch Rallies

Three Shires ‘s No Rally 2020

Wiltshire Branch 2020 Rally

Bedfordshire Branch Clappers Rally 2020

2020 Solent Rally

East Midlands Branch 2020 Rally

Oxford Branch 2020 Rally

HOC National Rally 2020

Christmas Dinner
Thanks to everyone for coming along to the Christmas dinner, as always
we all had a good laugh and the food was great.....

HOC National Rally 2018
Well another National Rally has come and gone and again all the
West Yorkshire members had a great time, we got tied 3rd place for
best turned out Branch so thats great and thanks to everyone who came along.....
Saturdays ride out was good with lots of stops and not too far so that was good...
Sun we had a short ride to the Bubblecar & Micro car museum and
thanks to Nij & Denise for bringing Maria home in the car and for
the lovely tea on Saturday, the caravans were fantastic and the site was nice
with all the stuff you want, beer & food HaHaHa...
Anyway great weekend, thanks to the branch members for coming
and making it another good one and to all who put the rally on you did a great job....