All about the West Yorkshire Branch.
Est 1974

The West Yorkshire branch was formed in 1974, we think there were bike rides and meetings
before this but that was a Yorkshire Branch (see photo of Early ride out) the photo was taken in Goole
about 1961/62 we think. The first ever meeting of the West Yorkshire Branch was at the
Railway pub at Calverley which makes us 40 in 2014 (and one of the oldest branches) so watch the web site
for any thing we might be getting up to, when i first went they
used to meet in the Rainville Pub at Bramley, i think it was 1994, then about 20 to 25 would turn up
and we had quizes and raffles for club funds.
When the couple who ran the club stopped we started to just meet for a drink and a chat.

The West Yorkshire Branch Organized the 2015 HOC National Rally at
Skipsea Sands and it went down very well with all enjoying the weekend. Branch members
attend the National every year around the country.

Now we meet once a month (first Monday) at the Wrose Bull pub,
we now have our own T-shirts and other clothing. Every year we have some runs and social events
and go all over the place, Keep an eye on the runs page for any updates.

If you want any more information please get in touch and i'll try to answer any
questions you have...

Picture of the first ever West Yorkshire ride out
Think it was called Yorkshire Branch then..

See ya all soon hopefully....Steve & Maria..