All about the West Yorkshire Branch.
Est 1974

One of the first ever Yorkshire Ride Outs 1961/62

The West Yorkshire branch was formed in 1974, we think there were bike rides and meetings
before this but that was a Yorkshire Branch (see photo of Early ride out) the photo was taken in Goole
about 1961/62 we think. The first ever meeting of the West Yorkshire Branch was at the
Railway pub at Calverley which makes us 40 in 2014 (and one of the oldest branches) so watch the web site
for any thing we might be getting up to, when i first went they
used to meet in the Rainville Pub at Bramley, i think it was 1994, then about 20 to 25 would turn up
and we had quizes and raffles for club funds.
When the couple who ran the club stopped we started to just meet for a drink and a chat.

The West Yorkshire Branch Organized the 2015 HOC National Rally at
Skipsea Sands and it went down very well with all enjoying the weekend. Branch members
attend the National every year around the country, i have now been to the last 16
there well worth a visit you will have a great time so try to get along to one.

Now we meet once a month (first Monday) at the Wrose Bull pub,
we now have our own T-shirts and other clothing. Every year we have some runs and social events
and go all over the place, Keep an eye on the runs page for any updates and the Photos page for some great pics.

If you want any more information please get in touch and i'll try to answer any
questions you have... try to get on a run as im sure you will enjoy it as we all do....
take a look at the Photos page to see a few of the places we have been.

See ya all soon hopefully....Steve & Maria..


Maria getting her 1st place Trophy
for the Pillion Saddle Sore Comp.

2nd Place (just pipped by Graham) for Steve in the Saddle Sore,
Our Average miles per event were 266.

Clive & Ursula getting there HOC Thanks Badges from
Dibble the HOC Chairman,
thanks to them for all the support over the years...

Andy (HOC Chairman) giving me the
Certificate of Thanks & The HOC Wing Badge
at the AGM for the work i do in Running the
West Yorkshire Branch.

Christmas Dinner..
Thanks to everyone who came along to the dinner, Me, Maria, Mick, Pockets, Colin, Mark & Fiona...
Clive & Ursula were ill so get well soon from all of us and Richard also wasent well enough to travel so Get well to him as well... Good night with good food and good company who could ask for more..

Me Mick & Colin sorry to everyone else we forgot to do a pic before people were going home....

2012 National Rally

Members had a great time at the National
Rally at Eyemouth, as always the event was run fantastic
so a big thanks go to Ruth and Stritchy and all the helpers
who put it on, the ride was a good one as were the
other 3 as there were 4 to choose from, we missed the
best attented branch by 1 yes 1 so if you dident
come its your fault and if you dident come why the hell not....?? (photos).....
We got off on the Friday, Me, Maria, Dave and Brian, Lisa went
in the car with Roger & Nina, good ride up and booked in,
Pockets and Cath were there when we
got there. Later Clive, Ursula, Nij, Denice, Pat and Pete met us, on the
Saturday there were 4 runs so we went on the 4th and
had a good ride out, pockets went on ride 1 and also
had a good one we were back over an hour before him...
Saturday night we saw a folk band take to the stage
and they were good but not my thing, mind you Nij seemed to
enjoy them to be honest the state he was in he
would have enjoyed anything (what ya say Gordon )
What a laugh he was clapping out of time
and slurring his words, bless Denise had to hold him up hahaha

Sunday was spent at Jedburg and the roads back
were fantastic, on the night we had a singer who
started off doing the old stuff but ended up doing
Meatloaf and he was good... Monday saw us come home 170 miles
in Pouring Rain all the way but we had a
great time at the Rally, The company was as always
great, it was nice to see Roger and Nina and every
one else we have become friends with over the
years we have been in the HOC.... Cant wait for next year in
Wales we have already booked our Van
so crack on if you want a good weekend get on it....